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Our Owners

Our Owners

A message from Don and Cindy Cox
Vintage Park Apartment Owners


Don and Cindy Cox are the owners of Next Generation Unlimited Corporation – the corporation that owns and operates Vintage Park Apartments.

Don grew up in Taylor County, Iowa and graduated from Bedford Community Schools in 1979. He and his wife, Cindy, and their 2 children (Jake and Sadie) were Taylor County residents for many years—and, have recently moved to the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area.

Don and Cindy first visited Vintage Park in 2006, when Don’s “Uncle Max” was a resident. They were impressed with the beautiful facility and the dedicated staff who provided outstanding care to Max, along with the wonderful residents who became fast friends with him while he lived there. When Vintage Park came up for sale—the Cox’s knew that they wanted to own it.

Next Generation Unlimited Corporation purchased Vintage Park Apartments in February of 2012 and since that time; the Cox’s have enjoyed getting to know the staff and residents of Vintage Park.


Don and Cindy have made many enhancements to the facility in the last two years—and, have some additional upgrades planned for the future! They would tell you that it has been a blessing to serve the residents and their families and to become a part of the Lenox business community.